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I’ll send a postcard when I’m there

EP, 05/14/2009


Album, 10/12/2007

About Botany Bay...

Emotional and intensive pop songs, influenced by Pink Floyd and Coldplay up to Massive Attack… sometimes richly instrumented, then again reduced to the essential; sometimes electric and next time a little more acoustic...

Botany Bay are full of musical surprises. Impulsive, dynamic, not really tangible but at the same time present. With the accomplished use of musical instruments, sophisticated arrangements and breathtaking beautiful vocals and melodies, Botany Bay are touching the souls of their constantly growing fan base, on record as well as live on stage.


After one album and one EP, Botany Bay have become a constant part of the free music scene and are offering their music free of charge under a Creative Commons license on the internet... with more than ten thousands of downloads and podcast hits like “Voices”, “Feel” and “The Crow Song”.

Stupid Summer Dreams

Mini album, 03/07/2010

"No Excuse" - video and EP out now!

We're very pleased to announce that our new EP, "No Excuse", is now available for download at our bandcamp page. Just click on the cover above, and you'll be taken there, or

click here to go to to our bandcamp page!

Over at bandcamp, you can pre-listen to all the tracks, download the 11 track digital album for €5,95, or you can preorder the physical CD (as always, complete with a beautiful booklet containing all the lyrics) for €9,95.

For those of you who don't like bandcamp for one reason or another, "No Excuse" is also available on




Just click on the links and you'll be taken there.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people who made this release possible, first and foremost to all the brilliant remix artists who took part in our remix contest - and gave us lots and lots of new inspiration. Huge thanks to DJ Don of Essential Element Productions, a.k.a. EnE for doing such a fantastic job on "Your Diary"! And, last but not least to you - our fans!