I’ll Send A Postcard When I’m There

EP, 2009


Album, 2007

Botany Bay’s previous three releases are free music, licensed under a Creative Commons license. This means, you may legally download, copy and share the music.

In fact, we ask you to do so. Spread the word about Botany Bay, show it to all of your friends.

And then some.

If you want to, you can simply listen via the Jamendo widgets below. And then, if you like what you hear (and you will, believe us), why not download the whole thing?

Stupid Summer Dreams

mini album, 03/07/2010


We're very pleased to announce that our new EP, "No Excuse", is now available for download at our bandcamp page. Just click on the cover above, and you'll be taken there, or

click here to go to to our bandcamp page!

Over at bandcamp, you can pre-listen to all the tracks, download the 11 track digital album for €5,95, or you can preorder the physical CD (as always, complete with a beautiful booklet containing all the lyrics) for €9,95.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people who made this release possible, first and foremost to all the brilliant remix artists who took part in our remix contest - and gave us lots and lots of new inspiration. Huge thanks to DJ Don of Essential Element Productions, a.k.a. EnE for doing such a fantastic job on "Your Diary"! And, last but not least to you - our fans!